24-Hour Comic Zeichnen 2020 – Corona Edition in Berlin-Wedding


The 24-hour drawing-challenge at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin – Wannsee as it was planed

The „24-Stunden-Comic am Wannsee“ is a 24-hour drawing challenge. It was supposed to start on the October 10th at noon and end on the following Sunday. A topic is released at noon as a common inspiration for all. At the end of the time, an individually developed 24-page comic should have been created, including proofreading. More than 40 comic artists were invited in Wannsee… But due to the pandemic situation the official event at the Literarisches Colliquium Berlin – LCB had to be cancelled at the very last minute, and postponed until the 24th of April 2021.

Making comics in the time of Corona

With the organisator of the event Augusto Paim, it was already set to follow the 24-Hour-event from my share-flat in Berlin-Wedding with 4 other comic artists: Zora Sauerteig, Nicola Lonzi, ale rodriguez and Franz Himmighofen. We were well organized and prepare for the 24-Hour challenge. Together, we respected the social distance, we were wearing our masks during those long hours and we had a lot of fun and satisfaction to make it happen. Making comics is fun, but making comics during a pandemie, that is total awesome!

Topic of this curious edition: LIMIT – UNVERGESSLICH – FEHLERHAFT

“Horizon is the limit” – A 24-hour Comic by Noémie Fantôme

To read the entire comic, check the Skizzenblog of the Literarisch Colloquium Berlin

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