MATE, the 24-Hour Comic 2019


A 24-hour drawing-challenge at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin – Wannsee

The „24-Stunden-Comic am Wannsee“ is a 24-hour drawing challenge. It started on the October 12th at noon and ended on the following Sunday. A topic is released at noon as a common inspiration for all. At the end of the time, an individually developed 24-page comic should have been created, including proofreading. More than 40 comic artists were present, among them Annette Köhn, Alex Chauvel, Peter Auge Lorenz, Marcello Quintanilha, Leonie Ott, Bernadette Schweihoff, Kai Pfeiffer or Maki Shimizu.

The topic of the 1st edition „24-Stunden-Comic am Wannsee“ was about mate, specifically the Chimarrão. In South America, this mate tea is traditionnally shared in a company of friends or co-workers. The Chimarrão is drunk from a calabash with the help of a drinking tube. This mate tee helps to stay awake because of its high caffeine content.

„Mate Cultura“
For this 24-page comic I used an uni-ball black pencil and Copic color markers. It was quite difficult at the end to stay awake and focused on the drawing. I’m glad to have produced the story until its end, but I’m kind of disapointed of the visual result of it. I wish to draw a deeper story for the next challenge!

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