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Illustrations of people, monuments and creatures living on this Earth. Or not.
Feat. ink, pencil, felt-tip pen, brushpen and penball

Haifisch Bruce Shark portrait thumbnail

Shark portrait

Sharks have a long evolutionary history going all the way back to the paleozoic era, more than 400 million years ago. 530 species of shark have been discovered to date. Sharks are not a threat to humans, humans are the predators of sharks, killing more […]

Hausfest PA58

Hausfest PA58 37th years of autonomy Poster, flyer and digital communication 2018 37th house party to celebrate the 37 years of autonomy of the house projet PA58 in Berlin Wedding. This visual poster is the result of a prolific collaboration with Zora Sauerteig. Official website […]

Live Portrait

Live drawing portraits made in 10-20 minutes with different material, essentially drew with felt-tip and markers.