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Photographer: Sylvia Sarod  
B.D. is the francophone abbreviation for Bandes Dessinées,
the common appellation to designate comics

Hallo! Hello! Coucou!

Hello! I‘m Noémie, and I’m creating visual storytelling!

I come from the international arts and culture management field, where I have been working for over 15 years. Today I live in Berlin, as a comic artist and as a teacher. My heart beats for a for a wider access to art, culture and education for all. Humor and knowledge are at the core of my work.
Comics are a fantastic medium to democratize knowledge and I do believe it‘s the perfect medium to speak about hard issues in a smooth and accessible way. And it’s fun!


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Work updates on Instagram
Portfolio on the IO – Illustratoren Organisation e.V. (German professional guilde of illustrators)
CV to download here (english | deutsch)

Photo: Sylvia Sarod